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The Ocean is Our Way of Life

All of our coaches are licensed professionals and have gone through intensive kiteboarding instructor training including first aid and CPR allowing us to provide you with top quality, safe instruction from our world class professional instructors.  Keeping everyone safe is our number one priority! It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an advanced boarder wanting a refresher course, or if you’re just passing through and interested about the local spots, our kite center is here for you.

Meet Our Staff

Anastasia Kidd

Owner & Supervisor

Anastasia is an instructor and the founder and owner of RushMore Kiteboarding School. She is an aviation professional who spent years working as a UN peacekeeper in Africa. While on R&R in Cape Town (which quickly became her home away from home), she discovered her passion for kitesurfing, and now she wants to introduce as many people as possible to this wind-powered watersport. 


In her own words, “It’s like riding a bicycle, once you learn it, you’ll never forget it. I want to teach people what they’re missing. You don’t just jump, you glide and hover and I love the feeling of flying".


Outside of work when she’s not studying, she likes to cook, listen to music and spend time with her schnauzer. Her other hobbies are: sports, traveling, long road trips, braaing (South African version of a barbeque)  with friends, fish tacos and a couple of cold beers.

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